Artist Steve Bendykowski

Steve Bendykowski creates art with a dark, quirky and often depressing nature.

Why? Is it a product of a depressed and disturbed artist? Like Alice in Wonderland you may be surprised what you will find if you decide to go down the rabbit-hole and read the titles and descriptions of his work.

Painting of the foolishness of the age we live in.

"Spirit of the Age" ~ Oil on Panel ~ 16 x 20 ~ 2018

Gallery of Bendykowski’s artwork with titles and descriptions.


View Steve's artwork in high definition, complete with titles and descriptions. Zoom-in to see detail.

Catalog of Bendykowski’s artwork with titles and descriptions

Artwork Catalog

View and/or download a FREE catalog of Steve's artwork complete with descriptions and titles. The high resolution catalog is 32 MB.

Free “how to paint” video and handouts.


View, print, or download free resources like the video "How to Mix Paint" and the handouts that enable you to purchase 5-8 tubes of paint to EASILY mix colors.

About Bendykowski and his art. FAQ'a.

About Bendykowski

Go down the rabbit-hole and learn more about the meaning of Bendykowski’s artwork. Also, information on the artist and FAQ’s.

Thoughts on art and life by Bendykowski


Some interesting and humorous articles on life and art, many of which are politically incorrect. Leave a comment if you would like. Warning - Not politically correct.

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Links of Interest

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